Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hold it! Don't pay the ransom! I escaped!!!!

No, not really. I just took a small break that lasted a little longer than I expected. I have been working on some other writings and needed the time to stop and reflect on where this blog should go.

I started out to document the process of starting a new program at a nudist church. I wanted it to be a primer for what one could do to make a church available at every single nudist location in the USA. To that end, I have made some good suggestions, but the blog still lacks the specific instructions needed. So, in case someone out there in the fog wants to start a nudist church, here we go.

Over the next few posts, I am going to write a primer how to get one started. If there are people out there who want to know my credentials for such an undertaking, read through and decide for yourself.

First, however, some caveats.

1. Not all locations are the same. What works at this resort might not work at yours. Be prepared to adapt.

2. Not everyone is called to this ministry. Some are called in the support side. If you are called to support a person starting a new mission, you have the hardest job and the one with little recognition. I fancy there will be special dispensation in heaven, but I can't promise you that.

3. Not all locations will be open to a chapel or church. Deal with it. Move on if you are truly chosen to start a work.

4. Never, and again I say Never let Satan stop you from your appointed task, no matter how hard the going gets.

5. The only people who succeed are the ones who are willing to be bold and be seen. If this isn't you, God might have other plans for you.

6. Not every post will deal with this. I will still digress often.

Now... For the first installment.

The decision to start a community gathering of Christians should start with why we gather. First, God commands us not to forsake the assembly of believers. There is a strength in coming together and socializing. We are creatures that need each other to survive. The belief that we need to offer a place to converge and hold fast to one another in support and comfort is paramount to the Christian lifestyle.

"For where two or three are gathered, there am I also." When we assemble, we are closer to The Son than we could ever be alone. What other reason could we need? Well, how about this.

Most nudist parks are deserts of church support. A church is an assembly of believers who come together as a traditional village. The church supports its members from the cradle to the grave. In our parks and resorts today, there usually isn't anyone to be with the family members in a spiritual way when a baby is born. Or when one of the community gets married. Or when there is a death in the family.

Nudist communities are devoid of the basic support systems necessary for the human experience, that of love, pain, hurt, and sadness. The emotions of our existence can be handles outside of a church, but it is the church's job to do these things.

So, how do you proceed here? Prayer.

1. Pray that you are the person to do these things.
2. Pray for the knowledge to handle these problems as they arrive.
3. Make time for others to come in and pray with you.
4. Ask the churches around you to pray for this mission.

In all fairness, I didn't do this. I was wrong.

During this time, some of you will find you are not cut out for this. That's ok. Many aspire to this, but only few are called.

Second, education.

Some of you have the education already. Others will need to boost up your training. Here is your first assignment. Go to the dollar store or a place where you can buy a bible for a few dollars, one you will not mind writing in or if the cover gets torn, etc. Begin reading the bible from Genesis and continue until you reach Revelation. Mark every passage that deals with building a church. specially in the Old Testament, there is much about Prophets who built the temple back. These guys had the right stuff and the method. You can learn much from them.

Your training will continue for the rest of your life. Learn to enjoy it.

Third. Open a dialog with the someone who you think will be a good co-leader. This person is more important that anyone else in the process. Choose wisely. John is my co-pastor. He and I share a vision for this ministry. He is the advisor and the person who delves deeply into the matters where a descerning heart is necessary. One thing, though, this person can't be your spouse. This is nothing to do with gender, it simply has to do with the fact that if the marriage is working correctly, you and your mate are one. As such, you do not get the back and forth checks and balances.

Whatever the role the two of you develop, having a person to hold you accountable is important.
Remember, Iron sharpens Iron.

If, after all these things, you still think a church or chapel is a good thing, and your co-leader is also thinking the same thing, you are now ready to start.

Till next time.