Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Parts of the Church

So, does anyone realize it has been a month since my last post?

Well, I have not forgotten you but I just didn't have anything to say.

Now, that may come as a shock to most, but sometimes I just don't have a pulpit to stand in. I think the drought is over and I wish to talk about a subject that is utterly disgusting but allowed by most churches.

Stealing from their employees.

Every church I have been involved with, the congregation thought it prudent to pay their employees as little as possible. They thought that being a good steward of money meant they should keep as much money for the "missions" of the church as they could. With the money, they would build new buildings, start new outreach programs, and furnish their sanctuaries with state of the art equipment, all at the expense of their employees and their families.

As the son of a Baptist pastor, I can tell you some horror stories of money disputes and salary disagreements. Most of you have seen them and it would be a waste so time, so I'll spare you. But the point I make here is that those people took away from their employees what God intended them to spend on their people.

It is no wonder those churches always have money problems. God simply cuts off the flow of money to the church until the church decides to pay the employees back.

Churches should pay their employees the same as anyone else. If your pastor has a PhD, it is not unreasonable for his salary to be equal with a college professor. If your secretary has a business support degree, she or he should expect to be paid comparable to Administrative people in the business world. Accountants and bookkeepers should expect to be paid the same as their secular counterparts.

I dare you. I dog dare you. No, I double-dog, eye-ball swear dare you to suggest this in a church business meeting.

Paying workers in a church should a joy to every member of a church. It should be the goal of every member to make sure the workers in their church are free from worries and strife that goes with money problems, health insurance problems, and where the money will come from when they retire.

Bank on it.