Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I has been forever since my last post. I am on a bit of a break. It seems that writing has cluttered my day job, and my writing job is creating a problem with my blog job.

So, for a little while, I will take a break. I am leaving this up as a way for people to see the history of the place.

Perhaps God will have me write more later.

Thanks. Allen

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Parts of the Church

So, does anyone realize it has been a month since my last post?

Well, I have not forgotten you but I just didn't have anything to say.

Now, that may come as a shock to most, but sometimes I just don't have a pulpit to stand in. I think the drought is over and I wish to talk about a subject that is utterly disgusting but allowed by most churches.

Stealing from their employees.

Every church I have been involved with, the congregation thought it prudent to pay their employees as little as possible. They thought that being a good steward of money meant they should keep as much money for the "missions" of the church as they could. With the money, they would build new buildings, start new outreach programs, and furnish their sanctuaries with state of the art equipment, all at the expense of their employees and their families.

As the son of a Baptist pastor, I can tell you some horror stories of money disputes and salary disagreements. Most of you have seen them and it would be a waste so time, so I'll spare you. But the point I make here is that those people took away from their employees what God intended them to spend on their people.

It is no wonder those churches always have money problems. God simply cuts off the flow of money to the church until the church decides to pay the employees back.

Churches should pay their employees the same as anyone else. If your pastor has a PhD, it is not unreasonable for his salary to be equal with a college professor. If your secretary has a business support degree, she or he should expect to be paid comparable to Administrative people in the business world. Accountants and bookkeepers should expect to be paid the same as their secular counterparts.

I dare you. I dog dare you. No, I double-dog, eye-ball swear dare you to suggest this in a church business meeting.

Paying workers in a church should a joy to every member of a church. It should be the goal of every member to make sure the workers in their church are free from worries and strife that goes with money problems, health insurance problems, and where the money will come from when they retire.

Bank on it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


For those that haven't figured it out, yet, I have been trying to make sure that what I do to build a church is to support a community. One of the saddest moments I've experienced lately was the understanding that many pastors today want to build a church in hopes a community will emerge inside of it. This is wrong. It is upside down.

By wrong I mean this is the best way to destroy an existing church and to make sure a new church never exists. What needs to happen to start a church is that you need to build a community and the church will emerge from its foundation.

In most nudist communities, you will find that there are the basic materials for building a community. There are people with a common interest. There is a sense of belonging to the group. Most of the time, you will find that the community already exists. It may be broken, fixable, or working out wonderfully, but there usually is some type of community building in any group like ours.

The problem with trying to grow a church where there is no sense of community is that the church will be fragmented. It will suffer from all kinds of ills that can't be fixed without uniting the people into a community with similar goals, similar values, and similar beliefs. they won't function. They won't do the jobs they are supposed to do; heal the sick, feed the poor, and care for the poor in spirit.

A fragmented church will never be viewed as an asset to the people. They will be seen as a puzzle before it is assembled, useless and not pleasant looking.

A community so united and so empowered will have a church spring to life in their midst. No force on earth will be able to stop God's plan if we have done our job in building the community. In this way, the church will be a blessing to the community, and will be viewed as such.

so, what are your thoughts? How can we build our communities to make the nudist world spring a church in its midst?

till next time...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun times in email

It has been a while since I received a few emails encouraging me to eternal damnation, long stays in limbo, or perdition. I have almost grown accustomed to the peace and quiet of a lonely mailbox filled with ways to increase my libido, enlarge my boobs, or some new fad in dating. But lately, thanks to some new advertising of my latest book out in e-book form, I have the joy of reading through a few questions and you have the honor of sitting through my rants as I find new and better ways to irritate the textile masses.

The latest asked the simple question "why?". Why would I want to start churches in nudist communities? The logic was mostly flawless. It sounded good. It even had a ring of truth to it. We could simply meet at an already established church and help increase their numbers as opposed to building a block and separation between the two groups of people.

I must admit he had me thinking. It did separate the two groups, that is, the textiles were certainly not coming to the new church. The nudists would likely choose the church where they would not have to dress and leave the park. It seems that I was encouraging separation in the church body.

But, then I realized that the separation was already there. The textile churches were not going into the resorts and parks to visit or to involve themselves in the communities. They had already separated themselves from the church members at the resorts.

There is a small but distinct line between cutting out the herd and rounding up strays. Anyone who has seen any cowboy movies have seen cowboys riding and working with cows on screen and sometimes it is difficult to tell if they are separating them or rounding them up.

The best way to tell the difference is which one brings the cattle home and which one sends them to be slaughtered. Herding them into the pasture is a sure sign of bringing them home. Culling out a few and loading them in the truck might mean a one way trip for the cow.

Argument two goes a long way to hit me in the... well lower than my belt. "Don't we already have enough division in our midst?"

I have to agree. Christians are divided three ways to Sunday. Adding a different splinter group is taking us further away from the "become one" we often hear when we speak of the Christian body, the bride of Christ. The difference is that we are not really dividing here at all. We are establishing a beach head so that the Christians can minister to the nudist community in their midst. I am certain if the textiles want to come to the church, they would be welcome. AND probably more so than if a nudist, dressed properly, showed up at a textile church.

Funny how things have a way of rolling around. What are your thoughts?

Till we meet again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dysfunctional Church

For a week, I have received questions from some of the readers of this blog as to why I presume to offer advice about forming a church when there is so much advice available. Well, here is my answer.

First, there are way too many people giving poor advice.

Second, there is a need to form nudist churches in nudist communities.

Third, I felt led by God.

Now, you understand? I didn't think so, but I gave it a shot.

Let's slow down and try it again.

First, there is way too much poor advice about running a church. Most working churches have no real clue why they work. Most dysfunctional churches aren't aware they are dysfunctional until the church collapses into a grand mess. Having worked in several start up churches, some done properly and some not, it is easier to build a church when you start the basic functions correctly than it is to go back and fix them later. Offering some of my own mistakes and how to avoid them might just save some of you a whole heap of trouble later.

Second, there is a need to start nudist churches in nudist communities. The Great Commission sends us out into the missions field. It does not ask us to draw the people into some foreign place to learn about God. we need to be in the middle of the community where we can interact and become a part of their lives. We are responsible for the nudist communities' very souls.

Lastly, God told me to. I don't have proof. I don't have a note or some voice message on my cell phone to play for you. I offer no excuses nor do I require anyone to vet my intentions. You can take the last one on faith or pray for my healing. You decide.

There are just too many dysfunctional churches in the textile world. I don't want a repeat on the nudist side.

For those who want to follow along and help me help God build a Christian world in the nudist community, I thank you and keep on reading. I would also ask that you send a link to others located around the world who might be in a position to start working with new churches in the nudist communities. The more people we have reading, commenting and posting, the better our core knowledge of how to spread the word will be.

If this is not where God has you, I am fine if you follow His lead and spend the time you would be spending reading my blog in pursuit of what God has for you.

Thank you and God bless.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor of Love or Love of Labor

Most of us know a person who is always out there helping people. They are the first ones to show up at the work party at church. On cleaning day, they are cleaning everything in sight. And if there is a need in the community that can be remedied by hard work, they show up first to make sure they get their fair share.

I am not, by any means, trying to down grade these people. It is a wonderful thing to have a heart for service, but what about the rest of us. Could we possibly be the unwashed masses who never want to labor over some poor guys toilet because he can't do it himself?

People who are gifted with a heart for service are special. They don't mind toting the barge line or lift the bales of hay into the loft. In fact, some get their greatest pleasure out of a life of service. They possess a love of labor. In their case, labor is its own reward.

The rest of us are people who labor to labor. It is a chore to force ourselves to spend hours scrubbing toilets at the local shelter. We despise the mornings at church cleaning up after a teen weekend lock-in. It is a labor of love.

For those in the labor of love category, we generally feel bad by the long hours the labor party spends. They show us up. They makes us look bad for our pittance of labor we expend on those projects.

Fear not, however. We can invoke the widow's mite rule. It is not something we were gifted with and therefore, we are only expected to expend what God gave us. This means we do what we can with a cheerful heart and get out of the way of the real laborers.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

Well, no. How many of us would gladly accept a position of deacon in our church, knowing we are not going o do a good job at the labor involved with the task. These are the tasks of our deacons. As one might have noticed in our churches lately, the job of deacon has morphed into a cushy job where our deacons act more like ministerial staff than workers. But that was not the intention of the position of deacon.

Deacons need to be workers. They need to strive to keep the church on the path of physical health and wealth. (Note: not monetary wealth, but an abundance of riches, both in spirit and in life.) These are physical needs that must be resolved before a church can be healthy. When we, the unlabor people, fill those slots, we take away from the labor pool and leave the deacon board a mess.

Our churches today need to fill our deacon board with the people who love to do physical labor so that those of us who are the spiritual leaders can do the job we were built to do.

I have a special affection for those people who enjoy labor and are rewarded by their actions. I can sit and watch them work for hours on end, without even breaking a sweat. For those people, I have the utmost respect. Two salutes for the true deacons of our church.

Till next time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

No Title Today

In a sense, there is a need for Christians to enter politics. It is important that men of good faith and strong conviction be the leaders of our country. Their policies and the basis for those should be a matter of public record and our leaders should not be ashamed of placing their faith at the forefront of their responsibilities to our country. We should be able to know for a fact that a Christian sponsored a bill and the why just by reading the text of the legislation.

In another sense, there is a need for nudists to enter politics. We need men and women of courage to stand up for the rights of humans and to force our fingerprints onto legislation that would free us to enjoy our lifestyle just as others have found their freedom in the land of opportunity.

If this prospect is a little scary, welcome to my world.

I find the recent crop of politicos running our country to profess freedom and hope and peace. I don't see it. I see division and a whole bunch of yesterday's politics sitting on the desks of every Senator and Congressman in Washington. I find the ads for the Governor's job to be filled with the last great evil in hopes of convincing me each one is the lesser of two evils. I have had it. I want out.

Give me a King, again. At least he will fear the 3 million guns roaming the countryside. At least we would have an accountability system, tried and true for many centuries, that the King would listen to.

Each time I go to my local county seat to discuss business, I feel like I should wear old clothes, look poverty stricken, and hide my wallet. Even is this depressed economy, the county is looking to take every last dime of money to the people who are trying to keep their employees working. It may sound funny, but the governments of the USA are diametrically opposed to a sound work environment.

With all this around us, perhaps a nudist King is our answer. He would spend most of his time sunning on the back lawn and the world would care less if we work or play.

So, I volunteer to be king. Someone peel me a grape.