Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Alive

I apologize for being so long in posting. The holidays have been a little hectic and I am not one for missing a good Christmas party. I will try to do better.

I find the act of celebrating Christmas most exciting. I love the time with the family and friends. I usually enjoy the caroling and singing that comes with working in a Christian atmosphere. The world is a much nicer place with the season of Christ around us.

Now, for the skeptics among us, yes the season is probably more appropriate during the springtime, but none of us can really say when Christ was born. All we know is that He was, and we are better off for it.

I think Christmas is better celebrated during the winter. If we celebrated it during the spring, we would interfere with Easter. I don't wish an Christmas Cantata on any Music Minister at the same time they are preparing the the Easter program. Nor do I want a pastor to have to prepare a Sunrise service the weekend after the Christmas play.

Perhaps we Christians borrowed a date from another religion. We didn't borrow our Savior. He was certainly born. He certainly came to this world through natural means. He must have had a birthday.

The fact we celebrate His birthday should be special no matter what the date. The fact He came to earth and gave us such wonderful gifts is so fantastic I can't see a reason not to sing for joy.

till next time....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ring the Bells

I was approached by a couple over the weekend about a unique gift they were giving their friends. Instead of buying some trinket to be lost or forgotten, the couple was making donations to our church's benevolent fund in the name of all of their friends. This touched me deeply.

I can't say how many people have been helped by our fund, but I can tell you the world is a better place when people such as this couple strive to help others less fortunate.

The world outside of my warm, cozy house is frightening when you see people dying of hunger and poor medical treatment. I have to confess that it is easier to hide away in my house and pretend the world went away than to actually do something.

I thank God there are people in the world like these.

till then...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Smoking For Christ!

I've often wondered if God made tobacco so that churches would have a greeting committee. When you look out at any church, you will find a member or a dozen standing out front smoking a cigarette. As the people drift in, the smokers will nod and say Hi!, and patiently await the next opportunity to greet someone, gently puffing away.

God certainly had a plan for tobacco. It seems logical to me that the cigarette industry has been blessed over the years. I am certain I can make the case for promoting cigarette smoking if for nothing else than to make sure the people attending the church are greeted each Sunday.

At one church I attended, they bought several umbrellas so that the "Greeters" could walk people from their cars to the church without getting wet. I am pretty sure is wasn't me who said, "They are out there anyway."

As a consequence of being a smoker, you get to know all the people who attend church. You know who came this Sunday and who stayed home to watch the college football wrap up on television. You get to know the visitors faster, as well. The best part is that you know who brought what for the pot luck after church. If you are lucky, they will ask you to taste some of the fare as it passes by.

If we make everyone smoke, causing them to stand out in front of the church on Sunday, the rest of us will be blessed with all those extras usually saved for the smoking crowd.

I suggest, as the season of giving approaches, you find a nice carton of cigarettes for those Christians on your Christmas list this year. It will enhance their church-going experience and add to the friendly atmosphere at their church.

(This message brought to you by our new sponsor, Joe the Camel)

Until next time...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Too Much, Already

I can't be sure, but I believe I already have too much. I have a mother and father who live near me. I work in a family business. I get along well with my step-mother. My sister and i still call each other when we are not visiting. I have a wife and son who love me. I have friends that often come and visit.

Who, and I ask this respectfully, can be any richer than this?

We are given life on earth. We can run, jump, and play. God sees to our needs and offers us more than we could ask for. So why don't we consider ourselves rich?

Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly." So is what I mentioned above the abundance? Well, yes and no.

Living an abundant life means filling your life with those things that matter and bring great joy to your life. Not every aspect of this is pleasant, but every aspect of an abundant life is rewarding. Just as childbirth is a straining and unpleasant part of becoming a family, it also ushers in a new enrichment that becomes part of the abundant life.

Finding what God has for your life fills the gaps of the abundant life. Learning to communicate with your spouse becomes part of a life filled to excess. Helping someone find hope in a desperate situation is a self rewarding essence of a rich life.

In all things, God prepares places for us to grow in spirit and love. These growths lay the foundation for expanding our lives and filling our hearts with those things that make life worth living.

Each of you who come here to hear me rant have made a special part of my life fulfilling and enjoyable. To each of you. I offer my sincere thanks for helping God make my life more abundant.

until something else pops in my brain...