Friday, August 28, 2009

No Title Today

In a sense, there is a need for Christians to enter politics. It is important that men of good faith and strong conviction be the leaders of our country. Their policies and the basis for those should be a matter of public record and our leaders should not be ashamed of placing their faith at the forefront of their responsibilities to our country. We should be able to know for a fact that a Christian sponsored a bill and the why just by reading the text of the legislation.

In another sense, there is a need for nudists to enter politics. We need men and women of courage to stand up for the rights of humans and to force our fingerprints onto legislation that would free us to enjoy our lifestyle just as others have found their freedom in the land of opportunity.

If this prospect is a little scary, welcome to my world.

I find the recent crop of politicos running our country to profess freedom and hope and peace. I don't see it. I see division and a whole bunch of yesterday's politics sitting on the desks of every Senator and Congressman in Washington. I find the ads for the Governor's job to be filled with the last great evil in hopes of convincing me each one is the lesser of two evils. I have had it. I want out.

Give me a King, again. At least he will fear the 3 million guns roaming the countryside. At least we would have an accountability system, tried and true for many centuries, that the King would listen to.

Each time I go to my local county seat to discuss business, I feel like I should wear old clothes, look poverty stricken, and hide my wallet. Even is this depressed economy, the county is looking to take every last dime of money to the people who are trying to keep their employees working. It may sound funny, but the governments of the USA are diametrically opposed to a sound work environment.

With all this around us, perhaps a nudist King is our answer. He would spend most of his time sunning on the back lawn and the world would care less if we work or play.

So, I volunteer to be king. Someone peel me a grape.


Unknown said...

Well, your highness, we can make you some new clothes to fit your poverty: A barrel with two straps over your shoulder.

Then you can approach your politician with a little more backing behind the poverty we are facing today. And you don't have to wear anything underneath it!

Puts a new twist on the Kings New Clothes.


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