Monday, September 28, 2009


For those that haven't figured it out, yet, I have been trying to make sure that what I do to build a church is to support a community. One of the saddest moments I've experienced lately was the understanding that many pastors today want to build a church in hopes a community will emerge inside of it. This is wrong. It is upside down.

By wrong I mean this is the best way to destroy an existing church and to make sure a new church never exists. What needs to happen to start a church is that you need to build a community and the church will emerge from its foundation.

In most nudist communities, you will find that there are the basic materials for building a community. There are people with a common interest. There is a sense of belonging to the group. Most of the time, you will find that the community already exists. It may be broken, fixable, or working out wonderfully, but there usually is some type of community building in any group like ours.

The problem with trying to grow a church where there is no sense of community is that the church will be fragmented. It will suffer from all kinds of ills that can't be fixed without uniting the people into a community with similar goals, similar values, and similar beliefs. they won't function. They won't do the jobs they are supposed to do; heal the sick, feed the poor, and care for the poor in spirit.

A fragmented church will never be viewed as an asset to the people. They will be seen as a puzzle before it is assembled, useless and not pleasant looking.

A community so united and so empowered will have a church spring to life in their midst. No force on earth will be able to stop God's plan if we have done our job in building the community. In this way, the church will be a blessing to the community, and will be viewed as such.

so, what are your thoughts? How can we build our communities to make the nudist world spring a church in its midst?

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Christian Nudist said...

Build your church my friend and I will certainly be there. Praise the Lord for your efforts!

Allen said...

Come on Down! We meet every Sunday at 9:30 for bible study and worship services are at 10:30. White Tail Resort, Ivor, Virginia.