Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I has been forever since my last post. I am on a bit of a break. It seems that writing has cluttered my day job, and my writing job is creating a problem with my blog job.

So, for a little while, I will take a break. I am leaving this up as a way for people to see the history of the place.

Perhaps God will have me write more later.

Thanks. Allen


NudeGramps said...

Hi, I am Jonathan Palmiter and live full time in Gulf Coast Nudist Resort in Hudson, FL.

I've been a born again Baptist since May 18, 1963 and have served the Lord all that ime in the music ministry.

I have had bad reactions to mentioning my way of life in churches, and the one I'm in now the pastor has mentioned a number of times how wicked nudity is and how offensive it is to God.

I would love to be a part of a church (preferably Baptist or something similar) where clothes are optional. I really liked Virginia when I was stationed there at the end of my Air Force time.

I love Florida but would consider moving to Virginia or other place where I can be a member of a church where clothes aren't necessary or required.

My e-mail address is jmarc1946@gmail.com if you have the time to write and tell me about the church in White Tail.

In Christ, Jonathan Palmiter

Unknown said...

"Bless me father for I have sinned - it has been three and a half months since my last blog post..."

I just thought you were giving it up for lent!

Unknown said...

I'm going through the same thing. Don't worry about it, you'll suddenly get a brain load you just got to unload somewhere!

BTW, I am announcing this on the new CNC Forum at www.christiannc.com

The new Forum has several categories including Naked Ministries and your blog is being featured under there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan, I am a Baptist living in South Africa. Please have a look at my blog for my views on Christian Naturism. Please reply.