Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning to Tithe

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to discuss our benevolent fund situation with several members of our church. We were all in agreement to keep funding the the benevolence, but I had this idea stuck in my head that I could not get release. I wanted us to start tithing our gifts ans physical strengths.

This may sound strange, but I wanted us to start thinking of our talents and strengths as assets and tithing ten percent or better of those gifts to us. It sounded strange to me, but it didn't sound strange to those people whom we talked. They thought it great.

I suppose I should be glad that this went smoothly. I thought that maybe it would bring on some problems, both in execution and in understanding. That is what I get for underestimating the people around me. This week, we will be bringing this suggestion to the full church and I anticipate the program will be in place shortly.

The Program:

I envision a group of guys and gals who will share of their talents and gifts to the community where we can be of help. If a person needs help with their taxes, we will find someone in the church or around who can help with this. If someone needs a hand fixing a porch rail, people will show up and fix the rail. If there is a need for whatever, we will search out the person capable of helping and help will shortly be on the way.

In theory, this will be easy. It is easy to say, anyway. I realize, however, the process of actually finding all these helpers will be more difficult. The person in charge of this will have to keep a good inventory of the talent we have in house and those talents lying on the fringe of our community.

If you think about us over the week, please pray that we find the perfect person to run this and that the church will follow along with this plan. As I think of it, I promise to give you updates on how it goes.

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