Monday, January 26, 2009

Renewing Our Minds

In the bible, we are often taught to renew our hearts and minds as a way of accepting the process by which we are saved. We stop doubting and begin to believe in the Good News of Christ.

The part we often forget is to clean out the junk before we start. Have you ever wondered why children learn so quickly and adults don't. My theory? Our minds are full.

Children's minds are like brand new sponges. They are empty of water and readily collect water on contact. the older we get, the more our minds have absorbed and the less they will hold. The process is merely a lesson in filling a bucket.

If this be true, when the sponge is full, we can not accept any more water. If our minds are like the full sponges, we can't accept any more knowledge until we make room in our sponge.

The real truth is that we all have ideas, thoughts, and knowledge that is taking up space where good solid knowledge of things of God are supposed to be. What we need to do is spend some time cleaning out our minds so that we can renew our thought process and begin to draw closer to God through the renewing of our minds.

Be brutal in your search to eliminate wasteful knowledge. Rip those horrible thoughts from your mind and begin to see the difference in how you look at life, love and truth.

How, you ask? Well, meditate on the word. Read things that tend to uplift your soul. Spend less time dwelling on problems and spend more time listening to what God has to say.

I find if I take time everyday to spend with God in prayer and meditation, He takes the time with me. Meditation has lately been the realm of other religions and has gotten a bad reputation as something of a mystic tool, but it belongs to God. As Christians, we need to begin to practice the art of meditation and communing with God. When we can sit down with God and get to know Him, he will allow us to really experience his love, as well as His plan for us.

First, find a place away from all the hustle and bustle of the world. Toss off all earthly trappings, such as clothes, books, radio, and television. Especially avoid other people. Closets are nice. Caves are better.

Next, find a comfortable position to sit and be quiet. relax your arms and legs. Feel the presence of the darkness around you. Listen for that still small voice. Find the peace in simply existing without worries.

In your mind, ask for forgiveness. Ask for peace. Ask for that special time to learn.

Soon the things of the world will become unimportant. When all you can feel, hear, or experience is that serene calm. Wait and be patient, for God is near.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allen,

How do you administer Believer's Baptism? Do you conduct
a baptism as stated in Romans, chapter 6.