Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well again

well, after some rather unpleasant procedures and few explicit words with the tools usually referred to as torture devices, I seem to be better. Finally!

Thank you guys so much for all the prayers and concerns during the last couple of weeks.

I apologize for not writing more, but it was a struggle to work and attend to church needs. To those who I missed that were sick or down, please know that I have been with you in spirit.

Now, today is a new day. I feel good. I got a great report from the doctor. And I can continue with life as I know it.

To all those who missed my writings, you really need to get a life. I'm not that good.

Next post will be about a plan I have for a Marriage Enrichment weekend. I would love everyone's input.

Till then...

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Lynn Barry said...

Hello from an old CLOTHED author pal of yours...Lynn Barry. It was nice to get your e-mail. I VOTED for you BTW...glad to see you are still around and married and all that good stuff. My love to your family.